At Linkeen, our mission is to drive success stories that leave a lasting impact. Meet PressCentric, a visionary company that specializes in providing affordable web-to-print solutions, making B2B and B2C storefronts accessible to all. As a leader in their industry, PressCentric sought to elevate their web software solution – and that's where Linkeen stepped in.

Client Background: PressCentric's Journey

PressCentric's journey began with the goal of redefining the web-to-print landscape. Their innovative approach allowed businesses to effortlessly launch and customize storefronts, offering online design tools, order management, and more.

The Challenge: Engineering Excellence

To reimagine their web software solution, PressCentric entrusted Linkeen with the task of assembling an exceptional team of engineers. The objective was clear: revolutionize their platform to provide even greater value to their clients.

Our Swift Impact: Engineering in Action

Within an astonishingly short span of under two months, Linkeen's expert engineers defined the entire architecture and implemented numerous cutting-edge features. The transformation was rapid, yet the quality remained uncompromised.


A Growing Partnership: Continuous Enhancement

The success of the initial project led to an ongoing collaboration. PressCentric found themselves continually expanding their team with Linkeen's high-caliber engineers. The partnership was solidified by the exceptional results achieved together.

PressCentric's Endorsement: A Strong Recommendation

Impressed by the speed, dynamic collaboration, and exceptional quality, PressCentric offers a resounding endorsement of Linkeen. They found in us not just a source of talent, but a partner invested in their success.

Linkeen has been instrumental in our journey to transform PressCentric. In record time, they assembled a top-notch team of engineers, defining our architecture and implementing numerous features. Their dynamism, communication, and transparent approach have been outstanding. Linkeen's close collaboration ensured our project's success and our engineers' excellence. I highly recommend Linkeen to both established companies and startups seeking senior engineers. Their swift delivery of high-quality talent has propelled PressCentric's growth and success.

Alen Rokolj
CEO & Co-Founder

Dynamic Communication and Transparency: A Winning Combination

PressCentric's admiration for Linkeen's engineers extends beyond their technical prowess. The teams' dynamic communication and transparent approach became an essential pillar of success.

Guidance Every Step of the Way: Navigating to Excellence

A standout feature of our collaboration was the close alignment between Linkeen and PressCentric. We ensured not only the project's success but also the excellence of every engineer involved.


A Recommendation to Remember: Scaling for Success

PressCentric's message is clear: Linkeen is the go-to solution for both established enterprises and startups seeking exceptional senior engineers. Our partnership enabled them to rise above challenges and drive innovation with confidence.

At Linkeen, we take pride in stories like PressCentric's. They embody our commitment to excellence, partnership, and engineering success.

Are you ready to embark on your journey to success? Join us and experience the transformative power of Linkeen.